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Low Recoil Macro



Low Recoil - Macro BF4 Tools is a coded script to remove your return, automatic control plane of the mouse while you are firing a gun. With you, you have the perfect control for your blast to kill the enemy. This macros has well-developed indentation scripts, thus promoting greater and better response to data. BF4 Tools has all the weapons of the game, making it possible to control all weapons. Become a pro in Battlefield 4 today!


Perfect Stability

We developed the best possible script for Battlefield 4, your gameplay will never be as before. Developed by a team of highly qualified programmers, with the help of professional players.


Free Update

When you purchase our product, you will be entitled to free updates as the game recedes.


Lifetime Access

When you buy our product, you will have access to it forever!


100% Safe

Our Macro is 100% Safe. Without any risk of banishment!


Sensitivity Adjustment

This tool is indispensable in any Macro, through the sensitivity adjustment you can adjust the calibration of the Macro to your game.


All Weapons

Our Macro covers all possible weapons for you to have the recoil control that every player desires.


Easy Handling

The program is totally intuitive to new users, it is easy to manipulate, just click on the hotkeys (right in the photo) and select your class and respective weapons that you want to stay in each Hotkey. Heavy Barrel is for heavy weapons, norecoil force is if your aim is still rising, inverted look is in case you use the mouse with inverted cordenadas, and below, we have the algorithm strength that is where the calibration is done, if your aim is going up , you increase it (to the right) if you are going down, you decrease it (to the left).

Explanatory Video

If you still have questions about the macro, please contact us through the chat support.


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Price for Battlefield 4

After payment, your download is automatic.